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Vendredi 20 novembre 2015


AARCA - The Association of Artist-run Centres from the Atlantic is seeking expressions of interest from companies or individuals in organising the forthcoming national artist-run centres conference in Charlottetown in Autumn 2017.


As a collection of vessels banding together in open water, flotilla will be a gathering of artists, curators, and writers creating a flexible and responsive event toward an unknown end.

In autumn 2017, artist-run centres in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and PEI will muster all of the verve and warmth of a Maritime kitchen party to make Charlottetown the locus for trans-national discussions of contemporary artist-run culture, spaces, and networks.

The scope of the position(s) will be developed in conjunction with the 2017 Conference Committee, and will cover the following three areas :

1.   Grant writing / fundraising, including the Canada Council Visual Arts / Media Arts, Heritage Canada, Young Canada Works, Canada 150, City of Charlottetown, and private foundation and corporate sponsorships.  
2.   Logistics, including registration, hotel accommodations, dining, catering, technical setup, advertising, printing, et cetera.
3.   Programming / content, including topic and theme development; calls for artists, curators, and writers; social layout of the space of the conference; and material design. This work will be done in collaboration with the 2017 Conference Steering Committee.
4.   Documentation, including photographic, video, and sound recording of elements of the programming, as well as the production of published material post-conference.

Responsibilities for these three areas may be combined into one role, or may be developed as multiple contracts depending on the proposals submitted, needs of the committee, and the skills and experience of the applicants. The Conference Manager(s) will work in close collaboration with the AARCA 2017 Conference Steering Committee.

The Committee is seeking to begin initial grant writing, fundraising, and logistics in January 2016.

Proposals due 1 January

Please submit a letter of interest detailing your plan for approaching this conference, detailed relevant experience and CVs for those involved in your proposal, and the attached form to with subject line: AARCA 2017 RFP


Questions? Please contact:
Katie Belcher, President of the Association of Artist-Run Centres from the Atlantic, at

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