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Mercredi 11 décembre 2013

APPEL: art public 88 Scott - Toronto

88 Scott Call for Credentials
Public Art Management (PAM) is the public art project manager for a major downtown mixed-use development project by Concert Properties Limited (‘Owner”) named 88 Scott (“the Project”), situated in the heart of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As the first stage of the public art planning process, PAM is issuing this Call To Artists (“Call”) to initiate the first of a three-stage selection process to identify artists willing to work with the team in the creation of outstanding public art works for this Project in downtown Toronto.

It is anticipated that the commercial component of the project will be completed by the Spring of 2017. The artworks should be delivered in conjunction with the delivery of this space. The purpose of this Call is to identify a pool of artists and/or artist teams that will be considered for one or both public art locations for the Project.

The public art program intends to commission distinctive, urban scale, meritorious works by exemplary Canadian and/or international artists for select locations within the Project. The artworks must reflect the best of contemporary art practice and be suitable in materials, form and content.

There are two public art locations for consideration, they are as follows:

Location 1: Public Atrium

The primary public art location for 88 Scott is the two-storey L-Shaped atrium on the south east corner of the site, diagonally opposite Berczy Park. The space measures approximately 26 metres long, and 7 metres wide along the “stem” of the “L” and 5m long and 7m wide at the “base” (please see Appendix 3, Location
1). The atrium has a height of nearly 9 metres and is a prime location for a suspended work of art. The reconstructed 4 metre high glass portals at grade, 2 metre high windows above, and a 2 storey glazed section along the west side of the mid-century building will offer excellent views into the atrium from Scott Street, Wellington Street, as well as Berczy Park, beckoning those outside to come in for a closer look. The atrium will also have prominent ground floor views from the retail space at grade into the atrium, and from the second floor office space looking down in to the atrium. We are not encouraging a large-scale ground-based element due to the limited width of the atrium, at approximately 7 metres wide, and the potential future retail uses within the atrium. The potential for a suspended sculptural and/or lighting installation would be optimal due to its indoor location which therefore protects the artwork from the elements as well as vandalism. The suspended artwork will invite pedestrians into the public atrium from the immediate surrounding area, and act as a beacon for the corner of Wellington and Scott Streets, with a great deal of visibility from the exterior.

Location 2: Wellington Street Entranceway and Soffit

The public art will also have an exterior expression within the soffit area of the cantilevered office space above what will be a vibrant retail boulevard, and could potentially move above the commercial entrance of the development and flow into the atrium space. This space measures approximately 32m long, 2m wide, and would suspend from the underside of the cantilevered second floor office down about 1m (see Appendix 3, Location 2).The underside of the soffit along Wellington Street was chosen as a secondary location for the public art opportunity as it may interfere with future retail signage and business operations.
A surface and/or subtle lighting treatment, or combination thereof, could act as an intimately-scaled feature for the public in an area with high pedestrian traffic and minimal lighting that may act as a starting/marking point for the primary art location in the public atrium, guiding the public into the site.

Public Art Budget: $540,000*
*includes artist design fees, fabrication, delivery, and installation of artwork

Professional artists are invited to submit their credentials for consideration by PAM and the Owner. Artists who are experienced in creating large, permanent, urban scale works for interior and exterior locations and artists who have successfully worked in collaborative projects are invited to enter.

One artist/artist team will be considered/selected for the whole of the project, meaning the selected artist will commission artworks for both sites, with emphasis on Location One. Location Two will be seen more as an introductory artwork that leads viewers into the atrium.

For Stage One, PAM is seeking artists to submit:
• no more than 10 images, a CV (or one for each member of the team, if applicable)
• the names and contact information of two references
• a signed PDF or JPEG copy of the Agreement to Propose
• an anticipated and approximate design fee
• your availability between now and the Spring of 2017

The Agreement to Propose can be found near the end of the document under the heading Appendix #1 (See Please print, fill out and sign, and scan or photograph the completed form and send to the art consultant via email.

Artists may advance in the program based on a professional review of their qualifications, profile and past work. Future commissions will be awarded following a second stage, whereby preferred artists may be interviewed and concepts may be submitted. To be eligible for this program, applicants must be professional artists; that is, artists who are recognized as such by their peers, who have specialized training in the field, and who have a history of public exhibition (exhibitions in museums and public galleries).

It is anticipated that the subsequent stages of the competition, including the selection/awarding of the commission, by mid-late 2014.

Please note we are not seeking existing artworks offered for sale under any circumstances whatsoever.

The deadline for this Call for Credentials is January 31, 2014 @ 11:59PM EST.

Should you have any questions concerning this process or the submission requirements, please send written question to Ben Mills at:

The Full Call to Artsts can be downloaded using the following link::

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