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Lundi 17 décembre 2012

APPEL: Under new management (location vidéo)



Seeking video work for a curated project by Suzanne Carte & Su-Ying Lee (Under New Management) taking place in March 2013 at ODD Gallery at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) in Dawson City, Yukon. The exhibition will take the form of a video rental store that carries artists’ videos. The project employs the characteristics of the retail environment to connect to the local community while, challenging the gallery’s role as an intermediary that delimits the viewer’s direct access to art. “Customers” are asked to pay what they wish, which can be interpreted as cash, a non-monetary exchange, critique, or no remuneration. This facet is in place as an experimental form of engagement, where artists have the opportunity to receive responses directly from viewers. In turn, the viewer has an uncommon channel to the artist. In addition to payment, rental and return are also on an honour-system basis therefore removing barriers that exist due to membership, deposit, and return policies at commercial ventures.

This is the second iteration of the Under New Management video “rental” store. As part of a larger exhibition/project, the first store took place in Toronto from August 3-14, 2010. This method of disseminating video art to the general public was exceptionally popular during its short run.

For information about the project visit:–queen-west-has-a-surprise-in-store

Your DVD will be loaned to anyone who wishes to borrow it. Customers will pay whatever they wish and any fee collected for your work will be sent to you. The video will be archived in the Video Store Rental collection for future exhibitions.

We are accepting work on DVD immediately. Feel free to send several titles.

-Any duration, style and genre
-Package your submission in a 191 x 135 mm DVD case
-Front of case: label image, artist’s name and title
-Back of case: synopsis and duration and any other info you wish to include i.e. short bio, website
-Work will be loaned to the general public. It is crucial that you note if your title contains any explicit language, nudity, sex or violence. This will not prevent your title from being selected for inclusion. This information will be used to make our « customers » aware of content

**Fill out and return the agreement form with your submission

Deadline February 7, 2013

Mail submissions to:
Under New Management
3 Sheridan Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6K 2G5

Inquiries can be directed to OR

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