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    Jeudi 08 décembre 2011

    A first Arts Day in Fredericton

    The first Arts Day at the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly was held today in Fredericton. This new initiative brought forward by the Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick (AAAPNB), ArtsLink NB and the New Brunswick Arts Board (artsnb) was held to meet with the Conservative and the Liberal caucuses, which gathers all the Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) of the province.

    The three partners reminded the government and the official opposition that the arts sector is a key partner to get over the challenges the arts sector has to face in the province nowadays. New Brunswick’s artistic sector has, since 2009, a Stratégie globale pour l’intégration des arts et de la culture dans la société acadienne au N.-B., which was translated in English in partnership with ArtsLink NB. This strategy proposes the development of the province by having a bigger place for the arts in all sectors. The Stratégie was recognized by both the government and the official opposition as an outstanding tool to face challenges New Brunswick has.

    For this first Day, the AAAPNB, ArtsLink NB and artsnb reminded New Brunswick MLAs of the importance of having a focus group to recognize the work from artists, which could result in the adoption of a law on the Status of the artist with legal, social and fiscal components.

    The three partners also took advantage of the Arts Day to learn more about the next steps with regard to the revision of the Cultural Policy for New Brunswick, which was adopted in 2002. Its revision has been announced at the most recent Throne Speech. The AAAPNB, ArtsLink NB and artsnb offer their support and offer their participation during the next year.

    Regarding the recent announcement regarding local governance with the creation of a dozen commissions of regional services, the government indicated today the need to find ways to work with arts and culture to maintain strong regional identities. The partners are happy about the willingness, but they focus on the need to have competent artistic resources in these commissions.

    Both caucuses appreciated the partnership initiative of the AAAPNB, ArtsLink NB and artsnb for this first Arts Day. The minister of the Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, Trevor Holder, highlighted the importance of the Arts Day, and wished it becomes an annual event.

    The Arts Day will be undertaken again next year with the artists, the cultural officers and organizations and the province’s elected officials.

    ArtsLink NB is a network of artists, art organizations, and arts supporters from all disciplines in the Anglophone community throughout New Brunswick. Programs include forums and workshops, online resources and monthly newsletters, as well as training and support for individual artists.

    The Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick (AAAPNB) is an Acadian arts service organization for professional artists. The mission of the association is to protect the rights and represent the interests of artists, and to promote the recognition of their contributions to

    The New Brunswick Arts Board (artsnb) is an arm's length arts funding agency with a legislated mandate to facilitate and promote the creation of art as well as administering funding programs for professional artists in the province.

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