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Mardi 24 février 2015

APPEL: CAFKA – Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area


CAFKA – Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area is seeking submissions for its biennial exhibition of contemporary art in the public spaces of the Region of Waterloo to take place in June 2016.

The CAFKA Biennial takes the experience of contemporary art out of the gallery and brings it to the public square, presenting contemporary art as a critical and integral part of community life. Since 2001 CAFKA has exhibited 188 installations, interventions, projections and performances by 174 artists from across Canada and around the world.

CAFKA is inviting proposals for new works that engage the public and diverse audiences. The CAFKA Program Committee wants to hear what artists are thinking about and what drives their practice. We are seeking artists who are able to respond to the specific features of the local urban landscape and culture.

CAFKA pays artist fees of $1,800 CAD for new work, in addition to negotiable expenses. CAFKA will work with artists to source the donation of materials to help offset production costs. Video and one-time performance fees are paid in accordance with CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation/le Front des Artistes Canadiens).

Please note: Proposals that rely on the physical characteristics of galleries (controlled lighting, low ceilings, hanging walls etc.) cannot be considered. For images of public spaces for possible project installations, please refer to CAFKA’s exhibition archive for images from CAFKA.14, previous biennials, or check out a sample of public spaces in the Waterloo Region where CAFKA has installed projects in the past for a photo album of potential public spaces.

CAFKA cannot accept postal applications of hard copy paper, CDs or slides. The application process will take place exclusively through email. All submitted content must be compressed into one folder titled (First name, Last name) and emailed to Alternatively, the folder can be saved to a public file share service (i.e. Dropbox, MediaFire) with the invitation sent to the same address.

Your application must include *:

// Cover page including: Name, Address, City, Postal/Zip Code, Country, Telephone, Email, Website, Project Title, and 25-word synopsis of project **
// 10 images and/or video of your previous work following these guidelines:
Digital images:
– JPEG format
– Maximum of 1MB file size
– Maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
– RGB or gray-scale colour mode only
– Viewable with QuickTime or Windows Media Player
– Maximum 1GB file size
– Maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
File names must be in the following format: 01FirstnameLastname.jpg (Slide number, Artists First and Last name). The image numbers must correspond to the ones in your slide list.
// Curriculum vitae & artist statement of no more than 4 standard (8.5″ x 11″) pages **
// A proposal of no more than 750 words describing what you intend to do (please indicate desired locations if applicable) **
// Detailed technical requirements for your project (i.e. services, equipment necessary for your project including maintenance, electrical specifications, installation) **
// A budget describing all production and installation costs of your project including materials and transportation. **

* Please do not submit more than is requested
** files must be submitted in either .doc or .pdf format

All applications must be received by midnight on February 28, 2015.

Selected artists will be notified within three months of the application deadline.

CAFKA – Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area
141 Whitney Place, Studio 7
Kitchener, ON N2G 2X8
T 519.744.5123;

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