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Vendredi 13 juillet 2018

APPEL: international Video Performances

Artists’ Association MUU:
A Series of international Video Performances

Code: LGBT+

Application deadline: 20 October 2018

Artists’ Association MUU invites artists to participate in Performance Voyage 8, a collection of video performances, and to explore the passion of the LGBT+ community, existing regardless of historical times, geographical location, political system or tradition, universally longing for acceptance and acknowledgement.

The relentless battle for human rights has survived violence and persecution, and the impetuous passion has broken the silence, but is it enough?

PV8 open call mainly focuses on LGBT+ but invites all artists.

The open call for the Performance Voyage 8 selection is for recent video works, preferably 1–5 minutes in duration (max. 10 min.). Only submit edited footage – unedited raw footage will be rejected.

The videos will be showcased as a compilation on a worldwide tour in screening events. The compilation will be presented worldwide in 2019. Note: no videos will be installed or exhibited separately during the tour.

The jury will be announced later.

Rear more HERE

Online application form HERE

The maximum allowed duration of the videos is 10 minutes. Each submission must include the name of the artist, the title of the performance, the duration of the video and, where appropriate, also information about where, how and when the original performance took place.

Selected artists will be contacted by email late 2018. We will answer all the applicants.

Performance Voyage 8 theme by: Valentas Strolys (Pride House), Marianne Fincke ja Timo Soppela (MUU)

Inquiries: muugalleria(a)

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Date limite: 30 juin!

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